Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let No Dusty Baker Folly go Unmentioned

Dusty Baker batted Darnell McDonald second against the Mets today.

Just in case you are wondering, his career slash stats (in now 48 plate apperances) is .156/.208/.178.

That's a .386 OPS. That's lower than Tony Gwynn's career OBP. And he's not exactly some kid that hasn't hit his stride in pro baseball. He's 30.

Somehow, with Willy Taveras out of the lineup, Dusty Baker has managed to find someone that makes Willy Taveras look like Willie Mays, and bat him second.

Then proceed to lift him for a pinch hitter.

So why, you of rational thought, do you think Dusty Baker would bat a player like this anywhere but the 8th or 9th hole in the lineup?


Career steals in minors: 216. Career steal percentage: 73.5%.

Hope you enjoy 2009, Reds fans.

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