Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Johnny Damon won't be a GM anytime soon

Hey boys and girls,

As a long time Red Sox fan, needless to say, any elitism from Yankeeland grinds me up good.
When it comes from Johnny Damon, it's worse.

But when it's just something this stupid, it can actually be comedic.

“I couldn’t believe that they were letting him walk and try to find a team, Damon told WEEI. “That’s the difference between New York and Boston…If you’re a part of New York, they’re going to keep you there: Posada, Jeter, Mariano, it’s the first time in history guys have been on the same team for 15 years. It goes to show you something about how the Yankees think, and how many Yankees players have been exclusive with one team. They keep them forever. (The Red Sox) were ready to let (Varitek) go. He’s their starting catcher. That’s how the two teams work. You know his days are going to be numbered here. But hopefully not — he deserves to be here until his career is over.”

So, from what I understand, the difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox is:

Yankees - offer aging catcher $52.4 million over 4 years, guaranteeing him $13.1 million at age 40.
Red Sox - search for younger catcher to move team forward, eventually decide Varitek is the team's best option for the near future, offer him fair market value contract.

And this is a BLACK MARK on the Red Sox.

Odds Jeter would be earning $20,000,000+ / yr at age 50 if Damon was GM: 2:5.

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