Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making up for lost time, post #1

Where would we in the internets be without some good ole Joe Morgan lunacy?

Cubs - White Sox. June 22. NL Leaders in strikeouts pop up. Javier Vazquez appears tied for 1st in the NL in K's. To paraphrase the great Dr. Morgan:

"That's funny to see Javier Vazquez. You never really think of him as a strikeout pitcher."

Vazquez, as of July 2nd, 2009:

Age: 32
SO: 2,140 (currently 55th of all time, projects to break into top 50 by season end)
K/9: 8.1 (good for 26th for all pitchers with over 1000 innings pitched)
K/BB: 3.41 (good for 16th for all the 1000+ innings crowd)

So yes, according to Joe Morgan, the 55th most prolific strikeout artist of all time is not a "strikeout pitcher". I guess Frank Howard (55th in all time HR) wasn't a good power hitter.

For someone who claims that observation is more important than stats, Joe Morgan's either really really bad at observing, or he just does not care enough to watch. I go with the latter. How about you?

Edit: I forgot to add these factual informations in.

League SO ranking:
2005 NL--192--8th
2006 AL--184--4th
2007 AL--213--4th
2008 AL--200--4th
2009 NL--125--2nd


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