Friday, July 31, 2009

Trade deadline thoughts:

  • Adam LaRoche for Casey Kotchman: WTF
  • Victor Martinez to the Red Sox. Cool, Ortiz and Lowell are about to become the most expensive DH platoon of all time.
  • O-Cab to Minnesota. Apparently giving teams SS prospects for a .250 EqA'ing, .6 WARP'ing, 34 year old is all the rage these days.
  • Scott Rolen to Cincinnati. Anyone think that 200 games of Rolen and his salary for a mediocre team is worth 2 pitching prospects? I don't care if Rolen is Brooks Robinson with a bat, he's 34 and hurt a lot and the Reds still have a crazy person that's going to bat Taveras leadoff.
  • Suddenly Peavy accepts a trade to Chicago. Enjoy not pitching in an airport hangar, Jake.
  • (FWIW, career .735 OPS against, 3.84 ERA, 1.299 WHIP on the road).
  • Nationals apparently are set for the future.
  • Washburn to Detroit. Hope they enjoy losing their good pitching prospect for a guy who strikes out 5.35 per 9 innings and gives up lots of fly balls.
Now I sit back and wait for the insane praising of some of these trades to happen.

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